Pro Engine Ultra

About the product

Pro Engine Ultra is a blend of highly refined mineral oils (>95%) and additives (<5%). It does not contain ingredients harmful or dangerous to health. Its carefully developed composition ensures that your engine works evenly , it improves warming up of the engine in unfavourable conditions, such as low temperatures, and reduces the negative impact of low-quality fuels.

Regular use of Pro Engine Ultra guarantees lower fuel consumption, it also allows you to reduce the amount of emissions. As an additional advantage it removes residue from combustion chambers, thus making it easier for you to keep the engine clean.

Where to buy Pro Engine Ultra?

We recommend you to purchase the product only from the official website of the manufacturer – in this way you can ensure that you won’t get any fakes and that it’s fully safe for your car.

Why use Pro Engine Ultra?

it extends engine life

reduces friction and wear of the engine,

it guarantees fuel efficiency,

 suitable for each type of engine.


Mark, Peterborough

I’ve used Pro Engine Ultra since recently, but I’ve already noticed that fuel consumption is reduced and the engine works much smoother. Price and performance are its further undeniable advantages.

Thomas, Manchester

With Pro Engine Ultra my car started to finally drive smoothly and I need to visit petrol stations much less often. In addition, it’s a child’s play to use – even for a person who knows so little about cars as I do.

Eve, Liverpool

My mechanic recommended me to use Pro Engine Ultra after I had temporary problems with the engine. The product worked wonders – not only does the engine work fine, but I also feel the difference in financial terms – I save, as I need to visit gas stations much less often than I used to. Now I can recommend it with a clear conscience to others.

How do you use it?

Add the product directly before refuelling your car. One dose of Pro Engine Ultra guarantees that your car will smoothly drive up to 6 thousand miles.

Turn off the engine.

Inject Pro Engine Ultra to the fuel tank.

Fill up approx. 25-35 litres of fuel.

Start the car and set off!

If you want your car to serve you for many more years and you want your engine to work beautifully, order Pro Engine Ultra today and enjoy hassle-free driving for thousands of miles!